Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ok so somehow managed to lose all my previous posts --ho hum
Time to start again

Just a quick note on what I am trying to do.
I mainly daytrade but will hold a position for several days if I feel very strongly about it and if its going in the right direction. I do not trade massive size and keep my stoplosses to a minimum.
I trade the DAX, FTSE and DOW on a regular basis and occassionally take a GOLD trade.
I rarely trade FOREX these days

Having used all types of brokers over the years, I have finally settled on 2 or 3 that I use most of the time.

I do not hold with the theory that Spreadbet accounts are for the devil and nearly all my trades are now with these companies. It suits me fine for the size I trade and the platforms offered.

For anyone interested my favourites are
ETX for Indices and IG for Stocks and Gold
Capital Spreads as backup